He that walketh with wise men shall be wise; but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.

We become like those with whom we associate. we need to be carful of the kind of insulation we use in our lives.We do need to insulate ourselves from negative people and ideas, but we should never insulate ourselves from godly counsel and wisdom.
I read a story of a man, who number of years, found himself at a stagnation point in his life; one day he noticed that almost all of his friends were in the same situation, when they got tother, their problems were what they talked about, And as He prayed about this matter, God showed him that He needed ” Foundation-Level” people in his life, such individuals bring out the bestie us and influence us to improve. They cause us to to have greater faith and confidence and to see things from God#s perspective, After being with them, our spirits and our sights are raised.

The lord showed Him that He needed to change his closest associations and that He needed to have contact with the right people on regular basis. these were men of strong faith, people who made Him a better person when He was around them. They were the ones who saw the gifts in Him and could correct Him in a constructive , loving way. His choice to change his closest associations was a turning point in his life.

i have found that it is better to be alone than in the wrong company. Single conversation with the right person can be more valuable than years of study.

When you surround yourself with there right kind of people, you enter into God-ordained power of agreement .
Steer clear of negative -thinking experts. Remember: In the eyes of average people, average is always considered outstanding. look carefully at your closest associations, because it’s an indication of the direction you’re heading.
Praise God!

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