Guidelines to create Username

The Username is composed of 3 set of letters, separated by underscore:

  1. The first set is the Abbreviation of the Department starting with Capital Letter
  2. the second set is the Abbreviation of the CE Church starting with Capital Letter
  3. The third set is the first Letter of the First Name in capital Letter followed by the full Last Name

Example how to set the Username

For example, if the Worker data are as following:

  • First Name : Firstlady
  • Last Name : Colombe
  • Department : Choir
  • Church : CE Hannover

The Username will be:


List of Departments and Abbreviations

Department Abbreviation
Ushering Department Usher
Choir Department Choir
IT Department IT
Finance Department Finance
Children Department Children
Follow Up Department Followup
Birthday Committee Birthday
Youths Department Youth
Program Planning Planning
Roger Department Roger
Bible Study Class Biblestudy
Cell Group Cell

List of Churches and Abbreviation

Cities Abbreviation
Bremen Brem
Hamburg Hamb
Hannover Hann
Düsseldorf Duss