Loyalty is the principal qualification for every minister ( Worker ) part 2

…… I recall reading the story of an army general who surrounded a large city with the aim of conquering it. This city was heavily fortified with a high and imposing wall and gate. The army general surrounded the city in readiness to attack.

one friend of the general came along and asked him.” Sir” how do you think you are going to overcome the defences of this city?.NO one in recent history has been able to conquer this grate city.”

The army general smiled and said.” its my 5th column. I am depending on them to do the trick.”
The army General’s friend was very interested and asked, ” what is this 5th Column”? I thought you only had four columns.” The army general replied. I do have a 5th column.
oh I see. is it a special commando unit or are they airborne paratroopers? the man asked.

The general laughed, ” NO. it’s none of these. my 5th column consists of my spies, agents, friends and supporters whop are already within the city. you just wait. They will open those big gates from within and my armies will rush in.

This is the only way the enemy can destroy a successful and powerful ministry that is doing all the right things. it has to come from within. the 5th column comprises the disloyal, double- faced, double tongued and discontented people within every ministry and church settings. If these people are allowed to wreck havoc as they so very well can. they will destroy the church.

So what are to be done for such kind of ungrateful, none compliant brother or sister? The scripture said .

” Cast out the scorner,and contention shall out; yea, strife and reproach shall cease. Proverbs 22:10.

if we are going to have a large church, we need to minister with love and oneness. if we cannot be one. lets stop pretending. I encourage you to walk out of the church if your hearts are not with me.

He that is not with me is against me… Matthew 12:30

Therefore, For the love of God to fill the church; the ministry is supposed to operate with the power of love, unity and teamwork.

To minister as effective leaders you need to exhibit the love that jesus spoke about. people are attracted by love. When they see leaders who flow together in genuine love they are attracted. you must never forget that church members are not blind. neither are they deaf. They can see and feel disunity and discord when it is there.
understand that Sheep drink from still waters. if the water is murky and rough, the sheep will stay away. you see, they are not sure there is no crocodile in the water!
Brothers and sister Let us work in love and unity of the Spirit.
God bless you .

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