Christ Embassy Bremen

Church service

Church service

Kirche_FotoYou’ll find Christ Embassy churches in these following cities in Germany: In Bremen, Hamburg, Hannover and Dortmund.
The service time is every sonday at 10 am and every wednesday at 7 pm in Bremen, Hannover and Dortmund and every Thursday at 2 pm in Hamburg. for more informations check the contact. Come along with us and together let’s have fellowship with God’s spirit and get the annointing that will surely change lives for good.


Church program in Bremen

General Prayer Meeting Every monday
 at 6:00pm in Church

Wednesday -Workers Meeting 5:30 pm
Midweek Service at 7:00 pm

Friday-Bible Study at Hochschule Bremen (Neustadt) 19:00pm
  Room: 404 Bremen 28199
         TelNr: 017680873739

Saturday-Bible Study for choir in Church 4:00pm

Church General Evangelism
Every First & Second Saturday in the Month
 at 2:00 pm in Church

Sunday – Worship Service 10:00 am
Foundation class from 9:30 am
Men’s Fellowship  Bible Study Class Every Sunday
at 12:10 am
Women’s Fellowship Bible Study Class Every Sunday
at 12:10 am
Youth Service – 2:00 pm

Church General All Night-Every last Friday
 of the month in Church at 11:00 pm