Christ Embassy Bremen

spiritual geants, strong towers

Jesus Christ is a strong tower, Jesus Christ is the Word of God that became flesh for him to dwell among men. The bibel says as he is so are we in this World, The bibel says we are filled with all his fullness, for a christian to be a strong tower, that means one who can cary others along spiritually, he or she must be conscious of this reality and act upon it. Knowing in your spirit that as christian ,you are filled with ALL the fullness of Christ is very important, this reality will carry you in all your christian life, for you know where you are going, you have to know that your growth has not end till you get to the full stature of christ, his whole character and abilities. Doing all what he was doing here in earth and more. He’d already told us that we are filled with all his fullness, We just have to find out how to live it out. I’m really thankfull to God to have sent me into the ministry of the great man of God Pastor Chris, he is a blessing for every child of God who is called to be leader. This ministry is a place to have been for every leader in the house of God and even in life. We eat strong meat there(as the apostel paul was saying), he doesn’t give us milk, The very day I got there I aknowledge in my spirit that if I have to achieve what God called me to do I have to stay there at Christ Embassy to eat that strong meat. The Christ Embassy ministry is a school where you graduate as a strong tower as a spiritual geant. When you come out there you are ready for the ministry.

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